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Bridge Bites with Kevin

I offer FREE 45 minute lessons on BBO.  Chomp down on tidbits of bridge knowledge from an expert. Discuss and participate in vast array of topics. 

Mini-lesson Classes

LIVE Webinar

Through a focused discussion and interactive presentation, you will learn new skills to enhance your bridge game. A series of four lessons will be broadcast on Zoom. After the hour lesson ends, you get a multiple page handout with examples and keystone ideas from the topic presented.

The Teaching Game

Play in a 6 board ACBL tournament every Friday at 10 am EDT on BBO. After each round, I will break down the hand. In addition to getting a Pro Tip of the Day, you will also receive a hand replay link afterwards. Partnerships are welcome but not necessary.

Private Lessons

Whether you just want to play in a BBO tournament or would like a tailored lesson, I can teach you in whatever style or topic you prefer. I can even teach partnerships or groups.


My passion is speaking to groups about a game that I have loved for over 35 years. Hire me to speak to your club through a Zoom webinar or in person (after social distancing). 

Expert Commentary Game

Play in a themed tournament in my private BBO club. There will be 12 boards at 7 minutes per board. Although you won't earn ACBL masterpoints, you will get a short write-up of EACH hand played!

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