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Bridge Bites with Kevin

Learn expert tips over lunch. It's free and fun. 

Expert Commentary Game

These are BBO tournaments that are played in my private club on BBO. You play a 12-board tournament with a theme and then after the tournament is over you receive a write-up from each of the 12 hands. The theme may be a convention such as Negative Doubles, a declarer play skill such an Avoiding a Finesse, or a defensive play skill such as Finessing the Dummy. I will usually advertise the skill ahead of time, so you have an idea what are you trying.

Games are temporarily on hiatus. Please check back for a schedule of games.

The Teaching Game

 Get insightful analysis of each hand through a PowerPoint presentation over Zoom. This teaching game is $10 and payable over BBO. You must PRE-REGISTER for the 1st time at least 1 hour before the game starts. You must contact me to register the 1st time you play. See ways to contact me at the bottom of this page.

These games are on hiatus while I teach several series of seminars. Please check back for a schedule of games.

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