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Introduction to Bridge

I learned to play Bridge with my siblings and parents in the Washington D.C. area. I began as a caddy and then filled in when they needed a fourth or a partner for a late arrival. I loved it! My parents were both well-known players in the area and my mother was the editor of the Washington Bridge League (WBL) Bulletin for many years.

As a teenager, I got my director’s certification from the ACBL and began to direct games at Edith McMullin’s Wheaton Bridge Center. She even let me teach some new players. Thinking about what I know now, I can’t believe I did it 30 years ago! That was definitely my big break!


In 1991, I formed a partnership with another young player, Eric Greco, one of the greatest players in the world. We played in Junior events and we won a bronze medal for the United States in 1993 in Denmark.

I took several years off to focus on my career and started playing bridge again in 2001 with Blair Seidler. Blair taught me the value of great partnership agreements.We played together for four years and won a North American Bridge Championship event, Lebhar Imp Pairs in 2005.


Starting in 2006, I asked for and received the chance to coach and captain several United States Bridge Federation (USBF) youth teams. I relished the opportunities and was proud of the way my teams played, although we never did manage a medal. I learned to let the players come to me. I also learned to listen without speaking, which I try to continue to this day with everyone who asks me questions about Bridge.

I've learned so much about bridge agreements and system over my 35+ years of bridge that I understand how conventions and agreements fit together quite well. I enjoy coaching partnerships on system and have accumulated many hands that aid me in helping players learn the strengths and weaknesses of different agreements and approaches to bridge.


American Bridge Teachers Association Master Teacher 2019                         North American Bridge Champion, 2005 Pittsburgh

Certified Presenter- Learn Bridge in a Day                                                            4th World Junior Team Championship, 1993 Bronze Medal

ACBL Goodwill Committee, 2017                                                                             National Finalist in GNT and NAP, 2017                              Past Coach & Captain- US Bridge Federation Junior Team                            Rated #1 Player in District 7 and #13 overall- July 2019            Member - ACBL Board of Governors District 7                                               (

Fun Bridge Results

1. 1st Place in Online IMP Tournament with 10,253 Players

April 30, 2018

2. 1st Place in Online Matchpoint Tournament with 8,623 Players

March 31, 2017 

3. Rated #1 Player in District 7 of the ACBL According to Bridge Power Ratings

January 20, 2019 

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