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You will get access to four video presentations and a short write-up of examples. Video replays of the lessons will be available for at least 1 year after purchase. A gmail address is required for video access.


Lesson 9

The Suit Preference Signal Suit Preference Signals – Learn this device to tell partner exactly which suit to play next! Some say suit preference has had a greater effect on defensive play than any other development in bridge.


Lesson 10

 The Count Signal Count Signals – The third of the three major signals in bridge. The defenders use this signal to decide which trick to win and how to cut declarer off from potential winners.


Lesson 11

Finessing the Dummy Finessing the Dummy – Two simple and easy to learn rules for helping the defense get the most tricks when dummy has an honor and the third-hand player has a choice of plays.


Lesson 12

Other Signalling Methods Other Signaling Methods – A quick study of some of the different discarding methods players may employ. Notes will cover Lavinthal discards, Odd-Even discards, and the focus will be on the Smith Echo.


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Defensive Play 3 Video Presentations (Lessons 9-12)

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