Kevin is personable, enthusiastic, organized, and interacts excellently with the students. His handouts were clear and professional, and his approach to the topics was both fresh and valuable. Both the students and the more experienced helpers we had on hand agreed. At the conclusion of both seminars, evaluations were passed out. His students responded with 96% “excellent” and 4% “very good”. (“Good”, “Fair”, and “Poor” were available but not selected.)

--- Jack Brawner, manager of Naples Bridge Center in Naples, FL (11th largest club in ACBL)

Kevin Wilson recently presented a half-day seminar at the Asheville, NC Bridge Room. The evaluations were overwhelmingly positive with 86% rating it excellent and 14% rating it very good, the two highest possible ratings. The only suggestion for improvement was to make the sessions longer. Kevin has an engaging style, an encyclopedic knowledge of Bridge, and outstanding communication skills. We will definitely have him back!

--- Lee Wilcox, VP, Asheville, NC Bridge Room

If you don't want your opponents preempting in front of you at every opportunity, don't invite Kevin to speak to your Bridge Group. If you prefer your opponents to be sloppy about re-evaluating their hands during the bidding, don't invite Kevin to speak to your Bridge group. If you prefer meek opponents who never get in the way of your nice, orderly auctions, don't invite Kevin to come and speak to your Bridge group. However, if you ARE the opponents, and would enjoy being a feisty, pesky, and more talented opponent to everyone including your closet bridge friends, sign up as soon as you possibly can for one of Kevin's seminars. He will change the level of your play in one afternoon - guaranteed. I know because I've been on the receiving end from my own Bridge Group.

--- Susan Crutchfield, Blue Ridge, NC Bridge Club

Our club was especially pleased with the seminar conducted by Kevin. It was our first such event, and members were somewhat skeptical. The instruction was clear and reinforced by the play of the hands. By the end, everyone was excited and were immediately asking when we could bring him back for another event. It was effortless to coordinate with Kevin's wife Jennifer. We will have him back!

--- Linda James, Melborne, FL Bridge Club

A good Bridge Pro should have ample amounts of skill and knowledge. A Bridge presenter should have a comfortable presence in front of an audience, have enough humor and casualness to put the audience at ease, enough experience to answer any question, and enough knowledge to have a multitude of topics to offer. A great presenter can do all that for any type of audience. I have seen several of Kevin Wilson’s presentations and have ALWAYS come way super-satisfied that I just gained a wealth of new knowledge (even when I thought I already knew the topic). I am a bridge teacher and author myself and I tell my students “If you get a chance to hear Kevin speak, do it. He is the best teacher I have ever heard”.

--- Jim Ricker, author of Beginning Bridge Using 2 Over 1, The 2/1 Gold Card series, Bridge Teacher, Director and Club Owner