Raise Your Bridge IQ

The Fastest Way to Raise Your Game is Through Expert Commentary!

I started BridgeIQ+ with the idea of becoming a repository for great Bridge writing. My idea was to provide readers with specific articles on exactly the topics they are interested in. If you were interested in elimination plays (for example), then you could come to a site and read different articles from different authors about the exact topic that you were currently interested in. In some ways, this preserves great writing and gives the consumer EXACTLY what they wanted rather than having to buy and pour through an entire book for one or two examples of what they looking for.

I knew that I could use the power of the digital age to improve the functionality and readability of articles not limited by space…better than books and newspapers. I licensed material from two of the greatest authors of all time: Mike Lawrence and Eddie Kantar, and then reformatted their writing and presented each idea better using a question and answer-type digital format. I think it’s spectacular and a huge improvement!

Bridge IQ+ has morphed some since its inception. It still has all the great writing, but it is also a practice tool for the bridge player who wants to learn. I’m adding a practice robot (licensed from Great Game Products) that can adapt to your system and play conventions and systems that you want it to play.

With Bridge IQ+, you can:

  • Read articles by bridge experts designed especially for digital media
  • Practice Bridge by yourself
  • Play Bridge quizzes
  • Practice conventions with a robot partner or with your regular partners

  • Play in specialty games and tournaments by yourself or with a partner
  • Ask for expert opinions or have a referee settle a dispute between you and your partner
  • Check out live classes 
  • Read expert write-ups

I think the future of BridgeIQ+ is very bright. You can get it for free by going to its website www.bridgeiq.club.